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Hot of the Press...

Victoria Prever at The JC wrote us a stunning review 😲 Read below.

"Everything I tasted was packed with zingy flavours — perfect for summer dining. A refreshing, punchy Vietnamese rice noodle salad offered meaty-textured grilled mushrooms, liberal fresh red, chilli slices and salty peanuts showered on top.


There were crisp vegetable spring rolls; pleasingly chewy jackfruit, vegetable gyoza, a yellow Thai tofu curry, flavoured with aromatic turmeric and galangal, creamy with coconut milk and zingy with lime and coriander seasoning. Blocks of puffed tofu had crisp exteriors and chewy hearts and the side of jasmine rice was generously coated with crisp toasted sesame and crunchy shallots. Plenty of peanut sauce was used to dip, drizzle and coat wherever possible.


My total favourite — which I had to hide from my husband — were the raw desserts. I’m not normally a fan of ‘raw’ sweet treats. I’d rather have the real deal, but these were next level. Oreo and Lotus truffles were crunchy and indulgent and peanut butter stuffed dates coated in dark choc were a mouth-splosion of deliciousness. They're stored in the freezer, so buy extra and keep them for moments of need."

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Thank you to Finchley Community Magazine 

for giving us a space to share our story in their March/April Issue 2021.

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We want to thank Nicola Harrison for featuring our business in her local, independent publication, and Jess Sawers for writing the article and for all her hard work creating our new website.

Please show your support by taking a look, reading local stories and buying from small businesses who work so hard to do what they love in our area!

Read the Spring 2021 Issue here.

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