A Message from Saskia

Founder of Zest Kitchen

Hey, thanks for checking us out! We started our food business in March 2020 at the beginning of lockdown, offering North-London locals plant-based dishes with an Asian-inspired twist from our home kitchen in Finchley. We are based at Woodlands Avenue N3 , where we create delicious, colourful plates using
ethical produce.

My cooking is inspired by my travels in South-East Asia in 2017, where I lived on the vibrant local street food which inspired the menus for Zest Kitchen. These simple yet powerful dishes go back centuries; we add our own contemporary twists here and there by experimenting with new flavours, ingredients and aromatics.
I've always loved cooking, but my passion really grew when I lived in Vietnam for 2 years. I fell in love with the culture and the people I met there, and I had the privilege of learning to cook by their side using traditional Vietnamese methods. This experience inspired my love of vibrant flavours, which I bought back home to North London.
Our goal is to make beautiful, fragrant, plant-based food
that makes you feel good from the inside out!

We hope you love what you see (and taste) as much as we do.​